Lydia Valeriano


My name is Lydia Valeriano and I am the director of Sabi Solutions. I have proudly seen it grow from a basic web design business to one offering a wide range of services that will assist other solo and small business operators to spend their time doing what they want to do and ensure they're engaging with their customers often and in a professional and memorable way.

The business was started after Cyclone Larry in March 2006. Until that point I enjoyed my position as Marketing Manager at Paronella Park (a very well known tourist attraction in north Queensland).

Prior to arriving in Queensland in 2005 I lived and worked in the UK for two years, working within the private and not-for-profit sectors. 

Originally from Melbourne I enjoyed working in the promotional products, signage and real estate industries before going overseas.

Since beginning my office career while studying at University (Bachelor of Arts, La Trobe University), I have enjoyed being a Administrator, Personal Assistant, Production and Sales Manager and Office Manager.

What I enjoy even more though, is working for myself and directly with my clients. I love the constant change that is part of working with new technologies and concepts of doing business. 

I am happy to discuss my skills, feel free to contact me