Social Media

Social media is not just for teenagers. Facebook receives more weekly traffic than Google. And YouTube isn’t far behind Google.

Instead of reading tabloid magazines people now follow their favorite celebrities through Twitter.

Even email is becoming redundant as more of us connect through our social media profiles.

For current stats on the take-up and popularity of social media view this great YouTube video:

And don’t think that social media and business are not compatible. What other activity allows you to reach, connect and update your potential customers on a minute-by-minute basis?

You can share thoughts quotes, success stories, images, videos, web links in an instant. Ask polls through Facebook to get instant feedback or to generate discussion. Post on Twitter to give instant updates on your latest news.

Use LinkedIn to further your professional network. YouTube to post videos and ads about your product or service. Conduct a virtual event to share your knowledge or launch a product. Promote it through all your networks and get them to comment about it.

Generate buzz, discussion and even controversy.

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