Most people are familiar with email marketing and most of you will subscribe to various e-newsletters.

With the growing take-up of email marketing it is essential to understand what your niche market is, to develop content that is targeted, valuable and unique. It needs to link with your other online activity and most importantly contains a ‘call to action’.

eMarketing content needs to be reader centric – they don’t have the time to read all about YOU and what YOU’RE doing. They’re busy and most likely have their finger hovering over the delete button.

It is your opportunity to offer them a solution, useful information, a connection etc. that will benefit them. It is another opportunity to build a relationship with them and offer them something special.

We can work with you to develop a specific strategy for your eMarketing campaigns. We can design your layout (whether for e-newsletters, seasonal specials or sales specials etc.) using various programs.

For those using the Business Catalyst hosted platform we can customize the eMarketing module so that you can distribute your campaigns from one system.

For those using a different website hosting solution we recommend Constant Contact and AWeber. We are however, familiar with many eMarketing programs and can work with your existing program or program of choice.

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