What are the advantages of hiring a VA?

Many sole operators, small business owners, working parents, and busy homemakers could use extra help on occasion, perhaps even on a regular, part-time basis. However, most can't afford to hire a full or part-time assistant. By hiring a Virtual Assistant rather than hiring an employee, you pay for help only when you need it. VAs typically work on an hourly or project basis. By hiring a VA, you pay for help only when you need it, and avoid the hassles that go along with hiring a full- or part-time employee. For instance, you:

  • Pay no federal and state payroll taxes
  • Don't have to provide worker's compensation coverage
  • Don't have to provide office space, equipment or supplies
  • Don't have to provide employee benefits such as holiday or sick pay.

The other main advantage to hiring a VA is that you can outsource work that requires specialised skills, like marketing, website creation and maintenance or copywriting, to a specialised VA rather than employ a marketing person or spending more than you can afford on consultants.

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